Paris Snowfall

by Thomas Kinkade

Boating Day*

by Thomas Kinkade

Evening Out*

by Thomas Kinkade

*Complimentary display canvases (shown above) in the sizes of the original paintings
currently accompany the historic prints An Evening Out and Boating Day

Girrard Masterpieces Collection offers area exclusive representation
to qualified fine art galleries** in select markets

Exclusive licenses for An Evening Out, Boating Day & Paris Snowfall, painted by Thomas Kinkade under his brush name Robert Girrard, are available in many product categories and most geographical locations, solely through Girrard Masterpieces Collection. Licenses for these images and/or derivatives from them are not available through The Thomas Kinkade Company & or its affiliates. See TKCo's acknowledgment here.

**Girrard Masterpieces Collection images are available only in select Thomas Kinkade Galleries and other fine art galleries.